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This is heading 1

This is heading 2

This is heading 3

this is an unordered list

  • flowers
  • vegetables
  • trees

this is an ordered list

  1. California
    1. Texas
    2. Montana
  2. Florida
HyperText Markup Language
HyperText Markup Language

Website hit counter (installed 10th May 2016)

Average total number of hits (administrator and general public) is 3799 divide 78 months, equals 48 hits per month say 50% general public is 24 hits per month.

A Longer Example
Here is a longer example of an HTML document:

A Longer Example

A Longer Example

This is a simple HTML document. This is the first

This is the second paragraph, which shows special effects. This is a
word in italics. This is a word in bold.
Here is an in-lined GIF image: .

This is the third paragraph, which demonstrates links. Here is
a hypertext link from the word foo
to a document called “subdir/myfile.html”. (This particular example link gives an error screen.)


A second-level header

Here is a section of text that should display as a
fixed-width font:

             Somewhere over the rainbow
             bluebirds fly
             Somewhere over the rainbow
             once in a lullaby ...     

This is a unordered list with two items:

  • cranberries
  • blueberries

This is the end of this example document.

David Wiltshire – Highfield Gardens


The village of Wick lies in the hundreds of Pucklechurch and in the deanery of Hawksbury. Originally 5 hamlets, Berdwick, Holybrook, so called because of the spring dedicated to the Holy Virgin, Churchley or Church Aight, which obtained its name from an ancient chapel dedicated to St. Bartholomew, the chapel is long gone and the Hamlet itself scarcely remembered., Bridgeyate or Breachyeat, now in the Parish of Siston, and finally Toghill.


Situated to the west of Marshfield, on the A420, which is the old Bristol to London Road, Wick is nestled in the valley between the Cotswold and Mendip hills. History has left the village with a mixture of its own, Roman burial ground, discovered in 1955 when foundations for a water treatment works were being dug, and Medieval farms.

Tracy Park, with its history dating back to 1246, when John De Tracey bought the estate, is now a Golf and Country Hotel and Wick Court is a 16c gabled manor house, built on a site that was previously a nunnery.


Content for column for this exercise and in this context and
Content for column for this exercise and in this context