Your Parish Councillors

Simon Alway

Simon acts as representative for the village hall and is a member of the Neighbourhood Plan sub-committee.


Peter Crew (Vice Chair)


Bronwen Dyson

Bronwen is the public rights of way and footpaths officer responsible for the monitoring of footpaths, stiles and signage, and leads many of the walks with Wick Walkers.


Stuart Fowell 

Stuart is married and originally from Middlesborough. He was educated at York University. He moved to the West Country in 1998 and settled in Wick in 2008, starting out as computer programmer and is now a technical manager at a company located in Bath.

Stuart acts as representative for the Friends of Wick Village


Gaive Golding

Gaive acts as representative for Wick School and the Golden Valley Nature Reserve and is a member of the Neighbourhood Plan sub-committee.


Keith Hollister

Keith has lived in the village for over 20 years, brought up 2 kids and is now an empty nester. Still owning/running a small design company, he has time to get involved.

Keith acts as bookings secretary for the village hall and is responsible for checking the 3 defibrillators that are funded by the Parish Council to ensure they are always ‘emergency ready.’


Anne Kinsman

Anne acts as representative for the Avon Local Council Association.


James Williams (Chair)

James lives in Wick and has family living locally. He is a retired harbourmaster and former brewery estate manager. He has a keen interest in the planning process, protecting the countryside and campaigns to stop water treatment companies discharging raw sewage into our rivers and seas.

He leads the Adopt-a-Street litter picking scheme, manages the parish council website and sits on the Neighbourhood Plan sub-committee.


Joanne Bray-Warner (Parish Clerk)

Jo is the legal officer responsible for the execution of the council’s decisions and the responsible financial officer.

To contact any Parish Councillor or the Parish Clerk, please email:

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