Wick and Abson Parish Council is empowered to award grants, at its absolute discretion, to local non-profit organisations that can demonstrate a clear need for financial support to achieve an objective which will benefit the Parish. Grants will not usually exceed £2,500 and are subject to funds being available within that year’s Parish Council budget as determined by section 137(4)(a) of the Local Government Act 1972.

More information about our grants policy and an application form may be found here:

Recent grants

February 2024 – Wick Community Pub Co. Ltd. returned £3,652 being the unspent amount of the original £5,000 grant awarded in June 2019.

November 2023 – Friends of Wick School: £2,500 for new student IT hardware at Wick Primary School

September 2023 – Wick Guides: £750.00 in support of summer camp 2024.