Community Speed Watch

Motorists who speed through residential neighbourhoods are very often unaware of the impact their actions have on local residents, or the danger they pose to other road users and pedestrians and this is something we are working with communities to address.

Community SpeedWatch gives local people the ability to actively get involved in road safety.

  • A Community SpeedWatch can be set up in any village, small town, or urban area, governed by either a 20, 30 or 40 miles per hour speed limit.
  • Community SpeedWatch is a partnership between the Community, the Police and Local Authorities.
  • A SpeedWatch consists of local residents, who are willing to volunteer a small amount of time each week to monitor speeds with speed detection equipment.
  • Vehicles observed speeding, will be sent a warning letter along with advice to help change their driving behaviour. Further action will be taken by the police against persistent and high end speed offenders as well as targeting individual locations.

Watch our video to find out more:

Get involved

If you would like to know if there is a Community SpeedWatch Scheme in your area, or you are interested in setting one up to help with a speeding concern, email <>